Are you a "real estate champion"?

The following was written by Carolyn Fish in 2007 when the housing bubble was just about to burst. It was addressed to all real estate agents and still rings true today.

"There'll forever be a deal, or a lead to chase before someone gets it, or some other revenue-making or market share technique to master before someone else does. The names may be different but the competition remains the same. With technology, laws and rules have changed, there are still a lot of things about our profession that remain-- some good and some not so good. However, our family, friends, and even our health will NOT last forever. In the past few months, two REALTORS I have known for some time have passed away. Remembering back to the years when I first met them, I remember how they loved their profession, and always had the time to extend a friendly conversation. The kind of people you would always enjoy seeing. Thinking about them I was reminded that in this competitive harsh profession in which…
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